The Windiest Place On Earth with 310MW Wind Project : Kenya – Vestas

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Some of the wind industry projects really inspire you and give you the feel of completeness, even you are part of it or not.  The challenges the team conquer always inspire everyone even outside the organization.   Just imagine the situation of a wind farm site where you have challenges in every aspects to execute the project, i hope Lake Turkana wind park located at Kenya is classic example for the same.

Let us hear the Story of Lake Turkana wind park and what it means to Kenya (from Vestas latest video).  Stay tuned as we (Vestas) share more films showing how Lake Turkana wind park became reality.

So many VOW ! factors…   for me… many of you like to see this

Video Courtesy : Vestas You tube channel


Vestas receives 23 MW order for the extension of the Bakras wind power plant in Turkey

Tefirom Group has signed an agreement for the extension of the Bakras wind power plant using 7 V112-3.3 MW wind turbines. Vestas remains the sole provider of wind turbines to the Tefirom Group, who operates in the construction, energy, transport, logistics and education sectors in Turkey and with the extension will have 65 MW of wind power capacity.

Built in 2010, the existing Bakras wind power plant currently consists of 5 V90-3.0 MW turbines.

The wind turbines for the extension are scheduled to be delivered in the first quarter of 2014, and to be commissioned by the second quarter of 2014.

The 23 MW contract includes supply, installation and commissioning of the wind turbines, a VestasOnline® Business SCADA system as well as a five-year full-scope service agreement (AOM 4000).

The complete Bakras wind power plant will have an estimated annual production of more than 120 GWh per year, which will save the environment from over 55,000 tons of CO2 emissions on an annual basis. Furthermore, it will provide enough electricity to cover the residential electricity consumption of more than 200,000 people in Turkey.

It comes very natural to develop our business with a supplier that has the same views of a successful wind project as we do: Vestas, like Tefirom Group, combines latest technology developments with its solid experience in construction, engineering, contracting and project management fields,” states Tevfik Öz, President of Board of Directors of Tefirom Group who concludes “We look forward to the installation of our first V112-3.3 MW wind turbines integrating our Vestas installed capacity. Based on our long-lasting relationship with Vestas, we are extremely confident that the projects will be successfully commissioned.”

Olcayto Yigit, General Manager, Vestas Turkey, comments: “Having provided 100 per cent of the Tefirom Group’s wind capacity gives us pride and confidence in our organisation as well as in our products. We will continue to work closely with our customers throughout their value chain to understand their needs and meet their long-term requirements.

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GLD Movement Launches : Photography For Cause “Water Resources”

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GLD Movement initiated  this photography sharing event as part of “PUBLIC AWARENESS DISCUSSION-006″ .


Main purpose of this photography sharing event
1. Create awareness about the water resources in and around us
2. To spread the message about the importance of the water resources
3. To create awareness to understand to preserve the water resources

We might missed to list out many but our ultimate goal is to “Save Water Resources and Save Mother Earth”

The information shared here will be used for the constructive knowledge sharing purpose, so we kindly request you to share only valid information.

To know more about the event “Water Resources through my third Eye” 

Do share with your friends and take part in the initiative.

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R. Mahendran

The only possible way I knew to freeze the time, is PICTURING   – “Karuveli RaSa. Mahendran”


Gamesa, awarded in India for its health and safety and environment management excellence

The company gets the Golden Peacock Award for the second year in a row, after being selected among more than 1,000 candidates from all over the world


Gamesa has been awarded in India for its health and safety and environment management, receiving the Golden Peacock Award for the second consecutive year, and the Greentech Award. The former is awarded every year since it was established in 1992 and recognizes the best practices in corporate excellence of companies from all over the world. Last year, Gamesa won in the health and safety category, while this year the company was recognized in the environment section.

On top of this, Gamesa has been awarded with the “Greentech Health and Safety 2013” in the renewable energies section. The prize recognizes the compromise and best practices in reducing the incidents and accidents in the workplace. The award ceremony will be held in September during the Greentech annual conference.

Both prizes represent an important recognition of Gamesa’s compromise with health and safety, quality and environment. You can see the video produced for the World Day of Excellence


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Vestas receives 99 MW order in Sweden

Vestas has received a firm and unconditional order for 99 MW consisting of 33 V112-3.0 MW turbines for Sweden.

Vestas is pleased to announce its first order from Rabbalshede Kraft AB. The 99 M2010_V112-3MW_3_imageW order will supply 33 V112-3.0 MW turbines for two projects – in Årjäng, Värmland; and in Skaveröd, located in Uddevalla.

The contract includes turbine delivery, installation, and commissioning; an eight-year Active Management Output (AOM) 5000 service agreement, offering the customer assured performance and helping to avoid unforeseen operational costs; and the Vestas OCAS (Optical Collision Avoidance System) solution, which activates the aviation safety lights only when needed. Turbine installation is scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2014.

We are pleased to initiate our first projects with a new customer, following constructive and wide-ranging interactions with their key personnel. Rabbalshede Kraft and Vestas are focused on creating long-term strategic value, and this transaction will form the foundation for an ongoing collaboration,” says Vestas Northern Europe Vice President Sales, Krister Poole Jönsson.

We have today commenced the execution of our wind parks in Årjäng and Skaveröd where we have chosen Vestas as the wind turbine supplier. It is with great confidence and expectations we are now entering into this long-term strategic partnership where we can utilise this deal to further enhance our joint future opportunities,” says Thomas Linnard, CEO of Rabbalshede Kraft AB.

This order further solidifies Vestas’ leading role in the Swedish wind market, which remains an important priority for us. Rabbalshede Kraft AB is an important player in Swedish wind power, and this order gives momentum to our evolving business relationship. We look forward to working with Rabbalshede Kraft to support them in realising their wind power ambitions in the coming years,” says Klaus Steen Mortensen, President Vestas Northern Europe.


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Vestas launches Act on Facts campaign in battle against anti-wind movement, says “Don’t let myths dictate our future”


Vestas this week launches the first phase of a cutting-edge global campaign to separate myths from facts and to channel public support toward political action favouring wind energy.  The campaign embodies a unique approach to dealing with significant business challenges, integrating multiple marketing, communications, and public affairs channels and platforms.

Starting in Australia, a hot-bed of anti-wind activity, the Act on Facts launch event at the University of Melbourne features a live panel discussion about the tactics used by anti-wind energy activist groups and what the wind industry can do to counter the wild claims and convert the quiet majority of wind energy supporters* into active campaigners.

Together with leading wind energy players such as Infigen Energy Managing Director Miles George and a panel of experts on climate, health and regional development, Vestas Group Senior Vice President Morten Albæk will unveil the Act on Facts campaign, including the web portal  The portal features well-documented, fact-based information to help dispel the scare campaigns peddled by anti-wind activists as well as up-to-date information on pro-wind initiatives in which local citizens can engage.

According to Infigen Energy Managing Director Miles George, “This campaign is a crucial part of the industry’s efforts to take back the initiative from the anti-wind movement and share some facts with the Australian people.  Wind energy projects that could save up to five million tonnes of CO2 emissions every year are being stalled by scare campaigns and misinformation.

Vestas Group Senior Vice President Morten Albæk adds, “It is important to distinguish between genuine local concerns and the increasingly professional anti-wind activists whose strategy seems designed to confuse and inflame the debate. “Act on Facts” is a bold stroke to counter that strategy. Veering off the well-trodden public relations path entails risks. But playing it safe is even riskier.
(* According to Essential Research (,76 per cent support building wind farms in Australia to produce renewable energy and 11 per cent oppose.  Support was over 70% across all demographic groups.)

GLD Movement Participate in Chennai Coastal Cleanup-04 on June-16

It’s great pleasure to share with you that as part of  CAO_CM and urge to support Environment Friendly activities, GLD Movement  participating

Chennai Coastal Cleanup-04 on June-16 at Light House – Zone [Merina, Chennai]

At this moment GLD Movement request everyone from Chennai take part of the event to make the change not only on June 16th but beyond that.


To know more about the event