About Energy Renewable…

About Me & Energy Renewable…

I’m an Electrical Engineer, Working  about 8 years in Energy Sector.   Passionate about Performance Monitoring and Anylisis of Wind Energy Converters.   I’m so happy to live with  unlimited challenges we are facing every minutes of the energy industry life.   I’m enjoying this,  mainly because it’s giving chances to explore new technologies, fresh methodologies to meet the needs.

The “energyrenewable” also one such initiative, initially will concentrate mainly on the ” Performance Monitoring and Analysis of Wind Energy Converters (WEC’s)” and continuously it’ll expand it’s wings  to explore everything about Wind Energy Sector.

I hope with  all your supports we can make this initiative more useful and highly accurate not only to the wind industry members and also to everyone interested in the “GREEN WORLD”.

With Thanks To All,

R. Mahendran

“Performing Performance Monitoring And Analysis Of WEC For Clean & Green World”

“Wind may be under Natures’ Control…

Better Performance Of WECs , Clean & Green World in OUR’S CONTROL”

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