Vestas Receives Multiple Orders Across The Globe

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Please find the latest order intake from across the Globe


Here is the list of orders

190 MW order in the U.S. and passes 10.5 GW in global order intake for 2017

Vestas has received a firm and unconditional order for 190 MW of 4 MW platform turbines in the U.S. that takes Vestas’ global order intake in 2017 to 10,595 MW, surpassing 2016’s record order intake of 10,494 MW. The 2017 order intake is based on announced orders in all four quarters of 2017 as well as unannounced orders in the first three quarters of 2017. Unannounced MW of orders received in the fourth quarter of 2017 will be disclosed in the annual report in February 2018.

29 MW order of 80 percent PTC qualifying turbine components in the U.S.

Vestas has received an order for 29 MW of 4 MW compatible turbine components that qualify for 80 percent of the PTC value under the bipartisan PATH act that Congress passed in 2015. The PTC qualifying components enable future wind energy projects to be realised.

The long-term PTC phasedown terms set in the PATH act made the wind industry the first energy industry to agree to permanent tax reform, and have resulted in nearly USD 50 billion of investment in the U.S., including the expansion of factories, hundreds of millions of dollars in technology innovation investment and the addition of tens of thousands of jobs across the wind value chain. In 2016, the wind industry added jobs 9 times faster than the overall U.S. economy, and today there are more than 102,000 wind industry workers, including the fastest growing job in the U.S. – wind turbine technician.

32 MW order in Chile

Vestas has signed a 32 MW contract with Vientos de Renaico S.A. for the La Flor wind park in the Renaico region of central Chile. The contract includes supply and installation of nine V136-3.45 MW turbines delivered in 3.6 MW Power Optimal Mode as a 15-year Active Output Management 4000 (AOM 4000) service agreement and derives from a private power purchase agreement with the customer.

Turbine delivery is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2018, whilst commissioning is expected for the second quarter of 2019.

2017 order intake in Argentina close to 600 MW

Vestas has received another order to extend a wind park in Argentina, underlining its market-leadership in Argentina’s growing wind energy market. The order is placed by Petroquímica Comodoro Rivadavia S.A. (PCR), a national company specialised in cement and oil & gas industries, and includes 22 MW. In total, PCR will have 123 MW of installed wind capacity in Santa Cruz, including 101 MW from a previous order.

The order includes the supply and installation of six V117-3.45 MW delivered in 3.6 MW Power Optimised Modeas well as a 10-year Active Output Management 5000 (AOM 5000) service agreement. Turbine delivery is planned for the second quarter of 2018 whilst installation is expected for the fourth quarter of 2018.

300 MW order in Canada

Vestas has received a firm and unconditional order in Canada, comprising 87 V136-3.45 MW turbines, with a total capacity of 300 MW, ref. Company announcement No. 45/2017 of 16 November 2017.

First V116-2.0 MW order

Shortly after installing the 20,000th 2 MW platform turbine, Vestas has received the first order for the V116-2.0 MW. The order is for a 66 MW project in the U.S. that highlights the platform’s continued competitiveness, which was strengthened with the V116-2.0 MW through even higher annual energy production from an 11 percent larger swept area compared to the V110-2.0 MW. Together with the V120-2.0 MW, the V116-2.0 MW turbine is the trusted 2 MW platform’s latest evolution in which the latter offers increased annual energy production by up to 4 percent from previous 2 MW turbines.

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