Dear All,
Personally let me thank everyone of you for your extended support and guidance. My journey towards #KaruveliTriple15 is started well. About 14 months with me. There are so many learning every day i plan to summarize them for your quick reference, it may help you to understand what a journey might be when you are having vision which many of us like to do till life time but initiate nothing. If these monthly updates helps someone in any part of the world to become Active than my purpose is achieved.

Thank you once again for your continuous support and guidance in this journey.

Special Thanks to team #GLDMovement

Karuveli Triple 15

With Greetings and Thanks,
R.Mahendran – FB: Mahe Raj Saro
FB Page : Karuveli RaSa.Mahendran(கருவெளி ராச.மகேந்திரன்)