30,000 MW, a history

Gamesa’s worldwide installed capacity recently reached the 30 GW mark following the assembly of a G128-4.5 MW turbine at the Tornio wind farm in Finland. Since installing its first wind turbine in Sierra del Perdón, Navarra (Spain), twenty years ago, the company has grown steadily to emerge as one of the leading players in the global wind industry. This is our story.

At the end of 1994, worldwide wind energy capacity barely reached 3,500 MW. Although wind turbines had been used to generate electricity as early as 1930, this source of energy was still viewed as a futuristic alternative that posed more questions than answers. That same year, Gamesa installed its first wind turbines in Sierra del Perdón, Navarra (Spain). Those six G42/44-500 kW turbines comprising the wind farm marked the company’s entry into a sector which it leads today.
Gamesa’s worldwide installed capacity would reach the 30 GW mark 20 years later. This milestone was achieved when the company installed one of its G128-4.5 MW turbines at the Tornio wind farm in Finland; this turbine boasts nearly 10 times greater nominal capacity than the first turbines in Navarra. The biggest wind complex installed by the company (Blue Creek, in the US) has as much capacity as Gamesa installed in total during its first four years in operation: 304 MW.

These select figures provide a snapshot of the company’s technological evolution in a sector that has been consistently gaining share in many countries’ energy mixes.

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