The decision of FRI-EL Green Power S.p.A. to provide its wind power plants with Vestas PowerForecast shows customers’ needs to reduce risks, increase forecast of their wind parks’ production and comply with current legal requirements.


Last November, the Italian Authority for Electricity and Gas approved a new regulation covering compensation fees for imbalance charges.  The new rules entail penalties if wind power producers fail to provide correct power forecast data.


Vestas’ knowledge and ability to plan, build and service complete wind power plants for its customers and to consistently answer to their demand for individual solutions for increased business case certainty, reduced cost and maximised revenue has resulted in VestasOnline Power Forecast, the advanced solution that makes site-specific forecasts at single turbine and at park level.

We are proud to have presented this new solution to our customers in Italy and that it has been already chosen by some of our partners here,” comments Rainer Karan, General Manager, Vestas Italia.  He continues, “We believe in this tool as it represents a valid support for the sector’s operators for them to comply with legal forecast requirements by producing site-specific power forecasts.

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Vestas PowerForecast strengthens Italian customers’ business.