Gamesa again leads Spain’s wind energy market in 2011 with 54% of the country’s installed capacity to date

Even though Spain’s wind industry grew at its slowest-ever pace in 2011, with installed capacity to date of 21,673 MW

Gamesa, a global technology leader in the wind energy business, again led the Spanish wind market in 2011 by installing 461.15 MW of turbine capacity.

This figure, according to data issued today by the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE), represents a market share of 44%.

Gamesa is also Spain’s market leader in terms of cumulative wind capacity installed through 2011, with a total of 11,5510.16 MW, or 53.1% of the total MW (21,673 MW) installed in Spain from the industry’s inception through 2011, according to AEE data.

Gamesa in 2011 cemented its lead as the No. 1 manufacturer in Spain despite a troublesome backdrop for the business, which resulted in the weakest growth in history for the Spanish wind energy market.

According to AEE figures, total installed capacity in Spain to date (2011) amounts to 21,673 MW, following last year’s increase of 1,050 MW, a 5.1-percent rise from 2010 due to regulatory uncertainty and the economic crisis. The total installed capacity is below the previous Government’s target for 2011, close to 22,119 MW.     

The Pre-allocation Register’s final year is 2012. A total of 1,903 MW are currently registered and pending entry into service, of which 970 MW face difficulties being installed before the registration deadline due to problems not attributable to developers. Less than 10% of the Spanish production is assigned to orders from Spain. According to AEE figures, the 10,450 MW installed in Spain correspond to wind turbines orders from previous years.

While wind energy growth in 2011 substantially trailed that of 2010, wind farms accounted for 15.75% of annual electricity consumption, according to Red Eléctrica de España (REE). This energy source prevented the emission of 22 million tonnes of CO2 in 2011.


Source : Gamesa Website