Risø DTU has made its eighth report in the series: ‘Nuclear power and Nuclear Safety’, which gives a global overview of nuclear energy with a focus on safety and preparedness. This year’s report is a bit delayed because of the accident in Fukushima, which is also mentioned in the report that would normally cover only the year 2010.

The Radiation Research Division at Risø DTU was suddenly very busy in March 2011 when the accident in Fukushima began to unfold.

“In the first 14 days we couldn’t do anything but answer questions from the media and monitor the event in collaboration with the Danish Emergency Management Agency,” says Bent Lauritzen, Head of Programme in the Radiation Research Division at Risø DTU, and continues:

“The report was almost ready to be issued, but after the accident we didn’t think it made sense to send it out without mentioning the accident in Japan. Therefore, we have subsequently added a section to the report describing the development of the accident in detail.”

The accident in Japan is still ongoing, and authorities do not expect that there will be full control of the plant until early 2012. Therefore, it is primarily the first weeks of the accident that are described in the report, while the final analysis of the entire accident cannot be done yet.

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