One hundred and fifty trillion calculations per second. That is the mind-boggling performance that Vestas’ new supercomputer, nicknamed “Firestorm”, will be able to deliver to Vestas Technology R&D, Plant Siting & Forecasting department starting this week.
Firestorm consists of 1,222 connected IBM computers, each with 12 cores and is among the most powerful in the world.
After months of cooperation with Group IT, Plant Siting & Forecasting are now ready to start using the new supercomputer.
Plant Siting & Forecasting in Technology R&D will use Firestorm to determine various factors; the best position for each individual turbine in a customer’s project, weather forecasts and predicting the output of the operational wind power plant on an hour to day-ahead basis.
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New supercomputer among world’s most powerful. Wind. It means the world to us. | Vestas.