José Luis del Valle and Juan Diego Díaz agreed on the need to adapt to local market conditions as a key factor for successful international expansion

The 2011 Wind Energy Convention, the sector’s top annual event, organised by Spanish national trade association AEE, set the scene for two Gamesa experts to analyse the key success factors underpinning the company’s international expansion. José Luis del Valle, advisor to the chairman, highlighted four key factors for success abroad: “definition of a well-defined, long-term strategy; tailoring that strategy to local conditions and requirements; making the most of one’s competitive advantages; and building a broad geographic footprint in order to mitigate country risk”.

Touching upon regulation in Spain, del Valle lamented the fact that wind power has had to pay the price of errors made with respect to other renewable energy sources, adding that the greatest challenge facing the sector is to make wind power technology more competitive “vis-à-vis alternative conventional power sources and the competition”. Along these same lines, José Donoso, who presides the AEE, stressed that the sector is bearing ‘unsustainable’ pressure, calling for ‘non-experimental’ regulations that create stability.

Juan Diego Díaz, Director of Marketing at Gamesa, took part in a round table event to discuss the US market at which he agreed with the other speakers that despite emerging as one of the most promising markets, the prevailing climate is one of uncertainty. Díaz spoke about Gamesa’s experience in the US, development of offshore technology hand in hand with a leading ship maker and the need to adapt to each market’s way of doing business, remarking that “after a decade of international expansion, it is safe to say that Gamesa is truly a global company”.