Gamesa, a world leader in wind energy industry manufacturing, will work with Spain’s ONCE Foundation on job market integration initiatives to encourage people with disabilities to join the Gamesa workforce. Gamesa Chairman Jorge Calvet and ONCE Foundation Executive First Vice President Alberto Durán signed the cooperation agreement this morning.

As part of today’s agreement, Gamesa joins the ONCE Foundation’s Inserta Programme and commits to hiring 40 people with disabilities during the four-year duration of the pact, which is renewable annually. The ONCE Foundation will assist in training, recruiting and monitoring job candidates.

Gamesa will also sponsor training for people with disabilities and indirectly encourage disabled persons’ entry into the workplace by procuring goods and services from Special Employment Centres affiliated with ONCE and its Foundation.

The agreement envisages potential for developing Best Practices in the area of accessibility, in keeping with guidelines advocating design for all and universal accessibility. Furthermore, Gamesa will make progress on the disability arena within its corporate social responsibility strategy and will sponsor activities to publicise and raise awareness of disability issues.

The ONCE Foundation will advise Gamesa on all of the special needs of the company’s disabled employees and will offer its specialised services in this area.

Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee

To develop and meet targets for recruiting differently-abled workers, Gamesa and the ONCE Foundation will create a Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee composed of six members, three from each organisation.

Within the framework of this venture, Gamesa will also participate in the Inserta Responsible Forum, a venue for dialogue and innovation in the field of corporate social responsibility and disability.

Committed to disability issues

Gamesa is one of the 11 Spanish corporations most committed to disability issues among companies listed on Spain’s benchmark stock index, according to the “Ibex 35: 2010 DisCert Spain” report.

The company is already working with the ONCE Foundation to develop an awareness-raising campaign highlighting disability and the importance of welcoming the disabled into the job market. Meanwhile, Gamesa has a pilot project at a turbine blade factory to identify tasks that may be performed by people with disabilities and to find opportunities for procuring services or products from Special Employment Centres, via Fundosa, a group of ONCE Foundation companies.