The G128-4.5 MW prototype at the Jaulín (Zaragoza, Spain) experimental wind farm has achieved nominal capacity of 4.5 MW, the highest unit capacity generated by any of the company’s turbines to date.


This milestone, one of the most significant breakthroughs in the programme for validating this turbine system, rounds off the validation testing conducted to date and paves the way for continuing the turbine’s certification campaign for the purpose of obtaining Standard Certification for the G128-4.5 MW model sometime this year.  

The prototype, installed in 2010 in its final G128-4.5 MW design configuration, has already generated more than 1 GWh of electricity, with availability levels exceeding 90%. Gamesa is installing two new prototypes: one at the Jaulín experimental site, adjacent the current prototype, and a second prototype at the Alaiz Experimental Wind Farm in Navarra, Spain. At the same time, Gamesa is beginning to manufacture preseries to meet market demand, as part of its programme for the launch of the G128-4.5 MW model.

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