When the wind freshens, our electric appliances must wake up. When the wind drops and produces less power, our electric appliances must go to sleep. But of course in an intelligent and controlled manner so that we can still watch TV, turn on the coffee machine and use the hairdryer. The freezer, however, can easily be switched out a few hours without the pork roast thaws out. An intelligent power grid – smart grid – that can meet these needs will come up in 2025 when 50% of Denmark’s electricity comes from wind energy. This ambition will be met by a new platform called iPower with the aim to develop an intelligent and flexible energy system that can handle the fluctuating power generation.

iPower platform has been granted a support of 60 million DKK over the next 5 years from SPIR – Strategic Platform for Innovation and Research. SPIR is an initiative of the Danish Council for Strategic Research and the Danish Council for Technology and Innovation. The initiative will make it more attractive for businesses to participate in research and development activities together with universities, technological service institutes and other companies and innovation stakeholders.

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Thanks to SPIR,  All Stakeholders & Danish community for this initiative