The generation of electricity and heat with no pollution and with considerably less emission of the greenhouse gas CO2 sounds too good to be true. However, it is possible with the so-called SOFC fuel cells, which Risø has been conducting research into for over 20 years. The technology is now on its way to reach Danish and international companies including consumers.


An SOFC fuel cell produces electricity and heat with a very high efficiency. That means less carbon emissions for each kW produced. Furthermore, the production of electricity happens with nearly no emissions of pollutants such as nitrogen and sulphur oxides. Thus, SOFC fuel cells are a strong card in the future climate-friendly energy supply. SOFC fuel cells are flat and thin as a piece of paper, providing a voltage of approx. 1 volt. They are put together in stacks to achieve the desired voltage and wattage.

The results from the research at Risø DTU are known internationally and have spread in ever-widening circles. Risø DTU entered into a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with Topsoe Fuel Cell, which developed fuel cell stacks into a commercial stage and is now marketing them under the name Topsoe PowerCores™. Topsoe Fuel Cell has subsequently entered into a long-term cooperation agreement with the Danish company Dantherm Power, which is selling small CHP plants, among other things. So long-term research conducted in Risø DTU’s laboratories is now turning into concrete revolutionary products to be used in the supply of power and heat.


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