only less than 24 hrs left…


so act as earliest…


Just as 41,000 people like me are forcing Nestle to come clean on the stuff it sells in India, our own government is actually letting in genetically-contaminated food through the back-door!

In the next 24 hours, some government body called the GEAC is about to approve genetically-adulterated Brinjal for sale in the market. And if we allow that to happen, our fragile food supply will be contaminated forever!

Of course we can’t allow that to happen. And that’s exactly why I’ve sent a fax directly to Jairam Ramesh (Minister of Environment) to let him know I’m totally against genetic junk being sold to me in the guise of food.

Please take action just like I have. We have less than 24 hours before those guys meet and start taking decisions on what we eat. Click here to stop them before it’s too late.

And thanks a million!