This year the Roskilde Festival has arranged an entire sustainable community where you can learn about climate issues and solutions. Here in Climate Community you will also find Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy demonstrating fuel cells, solar cells, biogas etc.

If you are one of the 100,000 visitors at the Roskilde Festival this year, why not visit Green Market, to get the latest update on the climate front. Here will be scientists and students from Risø DTU to demonstrate some of the many ways of replacing oil, coal and natural gas with sustainable energy technologies:

A racing track with cars running on fuel cells, a reading lamp powered by polymer solar cells and a facility which converts food waste into biogas and fertiliser; test your knowledge on climate change, watch videos showing examples of how climate change acts in different parts of the world. Also see how the sustainable energy solutions can be implemented in the developing countries. You can experience this and much more at Risø’s stand.

The climate university
During the week it will be possible to hear several scientists share their knowledge on sustainable energy sources.

Senior Scientist and dr. techn. Sten Frandsen will inform of the number of wind turbines required in order to reach 50 per cent of our energy consumption.

Head of DTU Climate Centre, Kirsten Halsnæs, is going to make a speech, entitled ’Climate change and Options’. She will bring along a couple of young people to comment and ask questions to her presentation from the sidelines.

Scientific Officer Kasper Agger from the UNEP Risoe Centre will tell about the upcoming climate summit in Copenhagen, COP15, the connection to the Kyoto agreement and problems related to developing countries.

Senior Scientist Jens Wenzel Andreasen will speak about solar energy and the switch to a sustainable society. He brings us the good news that the earth each hour receives enough energy from the sun to cover the world’s need for a year and that we already have the technology to utilise it. And he intends to go in depth with Risø’s development of polymer solar cells and their commercial exploitation.

Senior Scientist and temporary Head of Programme Jens Ejbye Schmidt sees our waste as a resource. He will bring a garbage can and explain how its contents can be used, by making it circulate or by converting it to bioenergy. Not only does a biogas reactor, that can be seen in a small version on the stand, supply energy; the residual product is fertiliser that works much better than both industrial manufactured NPK fertiliser and cow pat. This appears very clearly from the plants shown to the audience.

On the final day of the festival Senior Scientist Søren B. Korsholm presents Risø’s Fusion Roadshow, making come to life the possibility of meeting the world’s energy needs with fusion energy,, the energy source of the sun and the stars.

Source : RISO