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Do you want to help develop innovative and environmentally friendly technologies for the future?

Electrochemical cells have the potential to play a crucial role in the energy sector of a sustainable society: In electricity generation (as fuel cells), in fuel production (as electrolysers) and for gas cleaning. In addition they have important uses as gas sensors. The Fuel Cells and Solid State Chemistry Division at Risø National Laboratory, DTU (Technical University of Denmark), is project leader of a new Strategic Electrochemistry Research Center (SERC) on fundamental aspects of electrochemical cells. The aim is to significantly extend our understanding of the materials limitations which currently impede a widespread commercialization of the technology. The consortium behind the center consists of the leading Danish research institutions in the field and a wide spectrum of industrial partners.

The project
Many potential applications of zirconia based O2 sensors, such as controlling O2 stoichiometry in car engines (lambda sensors) and O2 partial pressure in fuel cells, may suffer from short lifetime (evaporation, poisoning) and high costs of electrode materials (e.g. Pt). Therefore, a study of perovskite structured oxides (such as SrTiO3, LaCrO3 and LaMnO3 with suitable dopant type and level) will be performed with the purpose of developing a low-temperature (400 – 600 C) oxygen sensor. The effect of electrode nanostructure will be studied by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy over time at realistic conditions. The materials will be characterized by scanning electron microscopy prior to and after testing. The company PBI-Dansensor A/S will help in performing practical tests on the best performing materials.


  • education as an engineer, physicist or chemist
  • ability to work independently, to plan and carry out complicated tasks, and to be a part of a large, dynamical group
  • good communication skills in English, both written and spoken

We offer
We offer an exciting and challenging job in an international environment.
Good possibilities for professional and personal growth.

Terms of employment
The place of employment will be the Department of Chemistry, Campus Lyngby and the Fuel Cells and Solid State Chemistry Division, Risø DTU in Roskilde. The terms of employment will be in accordance with those of scientific staff at Danish universities. The PhD stipend has a fixed duration of 3 years.
We must have your online application by 25 January 2009. Please open the link “apply online” and fill in the application form and attach your application.

Please enclose the following documents:
1. CV
2. Bachelor and master diploma (if applicable)
3. Transcript of your grades. Please make a translation of your grades into a scale of 0–100 %. Your weighted average should be 77% or above.
4. References

Further information
For further information please contact research professor Mogens Mogensen,, +45 4677 5726.

You may read more about Risø and the Fuel Cells and Solid State Chemistry Division at, and more about SERC

Source : RISO