Performance Optimisation:
An essential strategy for future profitability

In the past decade the entire renewable energy sector has seen significant growth in investment and development. Wind Energy has led the way and is now clearly established as a reliable and affordable energy source. But this is just the beginning. By 2020 at least 20% of energy used in the EU will come from renewable sources. This commitment combined with an increasing number of similar targets set by governments around the globe assures the continued growth of Wind Energy. Now is the time to capitalise on the progress made so far, ramp up your Wind Farms performance and ensure your future success in the Wind Energy industry.

The growing demand for green electricity in the European market is fueling increased competition for the existing players in Wind Energy. Significant progress is being made in other renewable technologies so it is vital that Wind Farm Operators and Developers like you push hard to increase productivity. It is the only way to ensure you remain at the forefront of the ever growing renewable energy sector. The Wind Energy Performance Optimisation Summit 2009 in February has been designed to discuss the challenges you need to overcome in order to maximise productivity, and will give you numerous strategies that will ensure your business maximises revenue with minimal costs.


Discover key business strategies across the following areas:

  • Post warranty operation – how to make the best decisions to minimise costs and optimise your wind farm site performance
  • Software success! Use your SCADA data and condition monitoring system to make better decisions, enhance performance and minimise O&M costs
  • Maximise turbine lifespan and energy output – discover the latest gearbox and blade technology to significantly improve you wind farm performance
  • O&M excellence – pro-active maintenance strategies to slash costs, reduce supply chain bottle necks and hit targets on time, every time
  • Improve output predictions – how to use internal and external data to increase the value of your energy output and reduce your turbine downtime
  • Capture maximum wind resource – make the most of your wind farm site from development to operation, through effective wind mapping and turbine spacing – including for offshore and complex terrain
  • Offshore sites – how to prepare your offshore wind farm strategy to ensure optimal performance from the earliest phase

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