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Acciona has announced that the Clean Development Mechanism of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, has agreed to register two wind farms owned by the company in India as clean development mechanism projects.

The two wind farms have been registered by the United Nations as eligible projects under the clean development mechanism (CDM) contained in the Kyoto Protocol.

Their renewable energy production over the 10-year period stipulated will avoid the emission of 882,400 tonnes of CO2 that would have been generated to produce the same volume of electricity from power generation plants in the Indian state of Karnataka in that period of time.

The company that owns the wind farms will obtain certifications of emissions reductions (CERs) that it could then sell in the emissions trading market. Acciona currently has another two wind farms with a total capacity 116MW at an advanced stage of administrative processing in India. Applications will also be made for them as CDM projects.

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