What will be the consequences of climate change for developing countries, and what are the challenges for Denmark in this connection? Kirsten Halsnæs and John Christensen from the UNEP Risø Center will be taking part in a debate on this subject at a hearing in the Folketing on 13 November. The hearing has been arranged by the Danish Board of Technology on behalf of the Folketing’s Environment and Regional Planning Committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee. Chairman of the Environment and Regional Planning Committee, Steen Gade (SF) will open the hearing and Kirsten Halsnæs will begin the debate. She is member of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and head of DTU Climate Centre. Kirsten Halsnæs will describe how climate change is affecting developing countries, point out problems, challenges and the opportunities it gives us as a Western donor country. The presentation will include examples from countries which Kirsten Halsnæs has visited with the IPPC. The following debate is divided into three topics: 1. The impact of climate change on developing countries and their populations 2. Climate, environmental technology and development aid and 3. The developing countries and the UN climate summit in Copenhagen (COP15). In connection with the third topic, Head of the UNEP Risø Centre, John Christensen, will address critical issues regarding a financing plan for adjustment and reduction of CO2 emissions He will also give an insight into Denmark’s current strategy in this field and into the ongoing discussions in the international Commission on Climate Change and Development. Source : RISO