Predictions of compressive failure in fiber reinforced composites (AFM-55)

The project involves nonlinear finite element modeling using the commercial finite element code ABAQUS. The project involves using a newly developed user material subroutine and can ether include application of the model on specific problems or improvement of the implemented model.   


Composites based on natural fibres and bio-polymers (AFM-56)

Natural fibre composites have found increased international interest during the last decade. Traditionally, new materials have been developed in order to solve technological problems within the aerospace, military, sport or medicine fields, whereas natural fibre composites are also developed in another perspective; they must meet the demands in society of being sustainable materials.  



Simulation of skull fracture using finite element (AFM-57)

Based on finite element models of specific suspicious skull fracture cases, a dynamic finite element simulation of the fracture process will be performed. The finite element model will be extracted from a CT-scan of the specific case and the simulation can e.g. focused on the influence on the spongius layer in the skull and the influence of a detailed dynamic cohesive element model on the subsequently crack predictions.


Source : Information Service Department,Riso,Denmark