·        Propose optimum positions and instrumentation of meteorology masts

·        Analyze and debug measured on-site data

·        Analyze and debug long-term reference data

·         Calculate long-term average wind speed, turbulence and extreme wind speed

·        Using measured wind climate optimize micro-siting with respect to production and loads

·        Calculate site specific wind load parameters

·        Preparation of reports on the basis of calculations made including uncertainties


  • The candidate should have an engineering degree.
  • Experience in quality checking and analysis of wind data, Micro-siting of wind farm and energy yield calculations.
  • Familiarity with software like WAsP, WindPRO etc.
  • Through understanding of qualities and limitations of the software needed for wind resource calculations.
  • Good understanding of uncertainty calculations including understanding of the limitations of the instrumentation used.
  • Excellent command over MS-Excel.
  • Willing to travel, both nationally and internationally, with potential for extended and/or regular travel to project sites to perform site survey tasks and/or corporate offices to participate in training sessions.
  • 0-3 years of experience in wind industry.
  • Well-founded communication skills oral and written in English.
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